• Dishwashing Care

      Giz 5 in 1 Tablet Detergent

      24/50 adet/pcs.
      Giz 5’i 1 Arada Tablet
      1. Spotless cleaning
      2. Rinsing and salt effect
      3. Glass and steel protection

      Giz Gel Detergent

      1500 ml.
      Giz Gel Detergent
      1. Easy cleaning due to quick solubility.
      2. Protects your precious dishes by cleaning with soft and sensitive touch.

      Giz Powder Detergent

      1 kg.
      Giz Powder Detergent
      1. Cleans tea and coffee stains from dishes
      2. Prevents scratching or damaging patterns

      Giz Dishwasher Freshner

      24 adet/pcs.
      Giz Dishwasher Freshner
      1. Removes unpleasant fragrances from your machine.
      2. Can be used up to 60 washes.
      3. Freshens your machine with lemon scent.

      Giz Special Salt

      1,5 kg.
      Giz Special Salt
      1. Softens water
      2. Superior cleaning performance
      3. Prevents stains on glasses
      4. Spotless and shining bright results

      Giz Rinse Agent

      500 ml.
      Giz Parlat
      1. Prevents water stains
      2. Shines dishes
      3. Quick Drying